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Unified Technology Experience: UTE


As we progress in our daily life we come across lot of technology system and we interact.The traffic signal ,the music play list which we play on Monday is  different as compared to Friday evening.The coffee machine knows what about of coffee is good for a person who has been working from last 5 hours. What I can conclude is that Technology is every where around us and they know us better then any other human being..They know our  preference of  TV season. New generation of technology which interacts and assimilate the data across all the system we come across and gives a Unified Technology Experience which is really lagging in current world. This term is developed my own experience. ex. Nokia Symbian OS was doing awesome before android came into market what was new in Android that Nokia cannot do in general term Facebook and social media interaction was there in Nokia as compared to Android but what attracted the user is not that they are simply bored of using the Symbian but the Unified Technology Experience that they where looking and Samsung’s Galaxy series gives that.!!World is moving towards a integration of all the small system that surrounds us so that we have a better experience.Smart home are one such future system being developed by Philips and Sony differently